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Which Thai herbs do you use to make herbal tea? – Thai Food – Thai Visa Forum

Keeping a long story short: Doctors order was to drink more… But not alcohol, caffeine or sugar. The idea was to try to reduce weight and also related to PSA test results that were a bit high.  I guess more have been in this situation? 

Drinking water cold or warm did not work, juices are just loaded with sugar, and I already drink a lot of strong coffee.

What works for me is making herbal tea using Thai herbs like Pandan leaf, lemongrass, Rosella (hibiscus), galangal or ginger, bael fruit  and more.  We started growing it in the village in Isaan and the family harvests, dries and delivers few kg each few months. I make few liter each day and can easily finish all (if the family did not drink it yet)

I am looking for more ideas and recipes. For instance the original pandan leaf tea that is served after massages (not the yellow sugary instant powder served today). This is made of pandan leaf with some lemongrass (and galangal) added for a better taste, and added health benefits as well.

Do you use the Thai herbs to make tea, or do you have recipes to share?

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