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11 Best Thai Restaurant in Queens – Queens Comfort

The traditional cooking style from Thailand is available in the best Thai restaurants in Queens. For the foodies, Thai cuisines are worth the try in these good restaurants. The Thai cuisine is known for light cooking and fresh fragrance with a sharp spicy string in the mix.

The intricate dishes of Thai origin are healthy for the stomach and the aromatic style in cooking is sure to make anyone hungry. The Thai restaurants in Queens bring the delicacy of Thai food with an aromatic emphasis in city life.

Selected Restaurants

House of Thai

The House of Thai is a reasonably priced wonderful Thai Restaurant. The waiting service is cordial and they will keep your water-filled. The decoration is ambient. In addition to that, the bathrooms are clean as well.

Ginger stir-fry with veggies & tofu Sticky Rice is all pretty good for their price. Papaya Salad, a Thai Curry and some Fried Rice all of these items are fresh and made with quality and fresh ingredients.

The wine list is short yet they serve quality wines. The red wine is authentic and is lavish with the Thai meal. Egg rolls and roti with Massaman curry appetizers are deluxe as well. All meals are served pretty hotly and hence the freshness is prolonged.

The meals are served in big portions. Moreover, the food is served fast and cordially. The staffs are very friendly and are good hosts.

The restaurant is not wheelchair accessible. It does not however have a wheelchair ramp and very hard to take the wheelchair into a restaurant.

Pye Boat Noodle

The Oye Boat Noodle is a Thai restaurant with noodle centric dishes. It is not just a light snack restaurant, there is a big portion and small portion meals available here. In case you are hungry order the beef boat noodle soup, this is to set you up for a heavy meal.

For a light meal with noodles choose the Sukhothai or the tom yum born soup there are condiments available that you can ask to add to make the dish extra special according to your need. All of the options on the menu are delicious and reasonably priced.

There is a four dollar quail egg special is tasty and extra special. The boat noodle with pork is just as good, the add-ins make the pork noodle even better. The dish is topped with crunchy and crispy pork rinds. Be careful of the add-ins though, they are spicy as hell yet tasty.

Their boat noodle itself is an exceptional meal, Each kind whether pork or beef is a savory, sour and sweet, and spicy. The portion is fair for all people. One can not go wrong with pad kee mao or khao soi. The decoration is peaceful as well.j

This Thai Restaurant has a beautiful interior décor. The space is small yet the decoration makes the restaurant cozy, warm. It is dimly lit hence relaxing. A cute little romantic spot.

The Enthaice has grilled mussels, Roti in curry Mussamun sauce. The spicy lime dressing on salad might be too sour for some people’s taste. The ducks are good though.

Pad kee mao, khao soi, massaman curry, and basil fried rice these are some of the delicious Thai dishes. The mango fish is awe-inspiring. It came with a side of rice and a mojito. All of these are fairly priced with hefty portions. They do not take long to serve their food.

The sauteed cashew nuts with tofu are stupendous. It is delicious and something one should try. The sticky rice with mango is another exceptionally amazing meal. The pad thai and the chicken lettuce wraps are another healthy, tasty, and warm option in their menu.

Steak and Duck are also good and are just like traditional taste The Duck had a curry kick to it and the steak had a pretty traditional taste and were thick.

The customer service is amazing. They will accommodate your request. In case you are allergic to something, let them know, they will help you choose the right option for you.

This is one of the best Thai Restaurant in town. You can sit down in this cozy place, admire the ambiance, and enjoy the pleasurable Thai cuisines.

Bangkok Avenue

Bangkok Avenue has a diverse and assorted menu. There are many options for noodles, rice, along with seafood and meat entrees.

The pepper steak and spring rolls will not disappoint, even in a simple dish like this, the tendon is tender as it can be. The pad kee mao (drunken noodles), beef salad, Pad Thai Boran is something you can come back for here again.

The hospitality of this restaurant is so impressive that you will remember the restaurant for it. They are very fast with their food serving. Even in takeout, the food will be hot and fresh.

SriPraPhai is the perfect place to be if you love Thai food and if you are in Queens. The staff is very accommodating. They are very thoughtful as well. This is one of the best Thai restaurants and with many vegetarian options available this is something a vegetarian would love.

Watercress salad, drunken noodles w/chicken, red snapper w/chili/garlic/basil is an amazing delicacy here. Penang curry was heavy on meat but yet worth tasting. The Northern Thai sausage is one of a kind Thai delicacy.

At this Thai place in Queens a whole fish, a red snapper deep fried came with one dish with cooked pineapple and spices at another table. The green papaya is a very common dish but this very common dish is served here in an extraordinary way with salted fermented raw crab, yes, it is for real a raw salted crab and quite tasty.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is just as cute a Thai spot like its name suggests. The restaurant is not very spacious yet it is cozy, favorable to customers, and reasonably priced. This is one of the best Thai places in Queens.

The Thai dishes in their menu will make anyone fall in love with the Thai genre of food. From curry puffs to Thai boat noodles the range is pretty diverse. Spring rolls, chicken pad thai, red coconut curry and the papaya (spicy) salad each are quite the knocking one’s sock off dishes.

Golden Purse appetizer, ordered Pad Gra-Prow, Mango Cashew Chicken with a side of the steamed rice noodles all of these are some memorable items. The Mango Cashew Chicken is a very sweet and adorable entrée.

The items in there have a unique combination of flavors that anyone would love and crave more of. The portions are quite generous as their price is quite reasonable as well. The staff is friendly and amicable in manner.

Ayada Thai

The Ayada Thai is an amazing Thai place one should check out. The chicken satay and Pad see pew is remarkable at this place.

this little gem of a place is fantastic. taro custard is sweet and something recommendable.

This cozy place has good food but the waitresses were not as amicable.espite their lack of description of the food they do accommodate their customers by adjusting the spiciness of the food and vice versa.

This quaint beautiful Thai place is one of the best in town because of the carnival of flavors that it offers. They not only adjust the sweetness or spiciness of their customer’s entree but also their Thai entrees are a wide range of spices and herbs like Basil, Coriander, cilantro, and many more.

Whether you like chicken, beef, pork, seafood, duck, or even frog legs or crabs, The Ayada Thai has it all and offers a wide range of menu. The traditional Pad See Ew has a sweet sauce with it.

The curries are flavorful and chicken Panang curry and chicken massaman curry are accompanied by a good Thai jasmine sticky rice with a beautiful; fresh scent. The chicken satay with peanut sauce and chives dumplings are good and worth a try.

This nice quaint place Is also a vegetarian spot in town. Even if you want to have only Vegetarian entrees, there are so many choices with such a versatile option in vegetarian entrees.

BKNY Thai Restaurant

The BKNY Restaurant has a versatile menu as well. Their appetizer includes so many options like; spring rolls, fried calamari & chicken wings, chicken on a skewer, the Pad Ginger & scallion, and many more.

The baby back ribs are delicious at this Thai place. The pineapple fried rice is fresh and beautiful. The waiting staff is pleasant, helpful; and attentive. The versatile menu accommodates a wide range of dishes like soft shell crab, mussels, duck rolls as appetizers.

The main courses have many meat options s well. The main courses consisted of fish, chicken, and pork dishes. The wine and the coffee are also exceptionally good for a Thai restaurant.

There is various flavorful cocktail available. The desserts are also to be enamored by. The coconut and lychee ice cream and a chocolate mousse are some of the best dessert ones can have.

Erawan Thai Restaurant

The Erawan Thai restaurant is very consistent with their cooking and it is always amazing and delicious. They have great ambiance, service, and food. The price is reasonable and they serve a hefty portion.

The steak here has a different name and exceptional taste. The steak marinated and cooked in a wok called Steak Gai Lun and is always consistently good at this place.

The Erawan has the best BBQ ribs in town as well. The Thai Barbeque ribs taste a whole lot of different and flavorful hence it is something worth trying.

They also serve the evergreen vegetarian options. Green Curry, Red Curry, and Penang Curry dishes are best made here. They seem to use sauce sparingly and generously. Nevertheless, vegetables and fried tofu are very tasty and delicious.

This lovely place has a free parking space just behind, so you can take your time with meals without worrying about the meter.

Pure Thai Cookhouse

The pure Thai Cookhouse is a popular and sweet Thai spot in Queens that is worth a try. You may find a long queue at the weekend.

They serve some authentic Thai cuisines, appetizer, and main meals. The Wok Curry Paste With Pork and Fried Rice With Lump Crab Meat is just as tasty and flavorful as it sounds. The calamari is tasty with a perfect portion for one person.

The traditional Thai noodles here are also amazing. The buns are fresh. There are many popular dishes in this place. One of the most popular dishes here which is the Ratchaburi Crab & Pork Dry Noodles along with a side of duck soup is mouth-watering.

The stellar noodle plate is also exotic.  Thy has a wide range of green vegetarian options. These vegetarian options are not some bland salads, instead, they are packed with different herbs, spices and are extremely exciting.

This Thai place is a gem with a big share of spices, herbs, and flavors they bring carnival in your mouth. This is one of the best Thai Restaurant and is worth a try.

Lamoon is a beautiful Thai restaurant in Queens with yet another beautiful menu. They offer some exceptional dishes like the crab egg plam, Khao soi beef. The beef is Khao Soi beef is tender and juicy.

They are diverse. Their pandan leaf flavored water to the chicken tam yum soup everything radiates an authentic Thai vibe. Jackfruit salad with sticky rice was the bomb. Shrimp cloud cake with fried baby shrimp is one of the unique dishes in this restaurant.

The housemade spicy sausage, the (fried) papaya salad, and cloud shrimp are some of the common dishes that will taste exceptionally flavorful with their Thai style cooking. Every bite here is yummy.

Thai cuisine includes a wide range of dishes with diverse cooking styles. The best Thai Restaurants in Queens serve the most authentic Thai food available. The hospitability along with the food is pleasant. The ambiance of the restaurants with the aroma of the dishes is something worth trying.

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