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18 Courses at Restaurant “BoLan” – Bangkoks best Thai food experience. – Cumbriafoodie

I`ve written about BoLan before and it also appears on my blog so I wont go into too much detail again .All I`ll say is that if you`re wanting to eat the very best Thai food in Bangkok  then head here , simple as that.
I recently had the pleasure to experience a BoLan 18 course Thai menu and this was combined with 6 very unique cocktails from  guest mixologist Franco `tucci` Ponti from Atomic bar in Milan who was over visiting Thailand.Fair enough it was a speciality night at BoLan and the menu was a `one off` but i`ve also been on a normal evening and had the `Bolan experience` tasting menu which was also a delight and very similar.
All in all , its a wonderful experience so I urge you to go there and see for yourselves. If you`re visiting Bangkok and want to eat a combination of traditional Thai Street food mixed with refined home cooking and Royal Thai cuisine then head over to see Bo and Dylan…as in Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Dylan ‘Lan’ Jones….”Bo” “Lan”.

Ok , so over to the new premises. Just off Sukhumvit road. Best way to get there is by Skytrain ( BTS ) and get off at Thong Lor station and BoLan is literally 100m walk down Soi 53. I went via Tuk Tuk and that cost me 150 baht (£3) with the price agreed before we left the hotel…..ALWAYS.

Look out for the Green BoLan sign halfway down the Soi ( street )

Menu choices at BoLan , you have 3 to choose from –

BoLan Balance Thai Tasting menu for 2280 Baht (£43 )

BoLan Brief , A smaller Tasting menu for 1880 (£35)

BoLan Botanicals which is a Plant based  Tasting experience for 2280 Baht (£43)

or for those wanting a lighter lunch 880 Baht (£16) for a nice set Thai lunch.

Cocktail No 1 – Noir. ( Prosecco , Aperitif , Bitters , Lime , Salt. ) Set the evening off. The theme of the meal was a bit of Thai `with a twist` and with our guest `Mixologist` we had a very interesting take on Thai food with Italian influences.

1 – Antipasto Thai style – A BoLan Bar snack as a little appetiser.

Cocktail No 2 – Rosemary & Sage. ( Golden Rum , Rosemary , Sage , Lime )

P1130221                                                      2 – Calamari

3 – Quail.

4 – Arancini – Northern Thailand spicy Sausage.

5 – Carpaccio with Thai influences.

Cocktail No 3 – The Oriental. ( Gin , Chai Thai Tea , Peppercorns )

6 – Carbonara alla Bangkok – Fresh Coconut as the Pasta with Roasted Chilli.

7 – Gizzards salada Piquante.

8 – Fettucini alla Chiang Mai.

9 – Olive Tapenade. – Sticky sweet Pork salad.

Cocktail No 4 –  Mitti ( Rice Liquor , Lemongrass , Green curry paste , Coconut , Cucumber )

10 – Garum Thailandia – This course was really exciting and it really couldn`t be any simpler. We went into the kitchen to meet the chefs hard at work. Dylan had made us a really basic little treat with the traditional Thai greeting ” Have you eaten Rice today” ? So here is where we sampled good Thai Jasmine Rice seasoned with a very top quality Thai Fish sauce.To accompany this was the `Head` of a Shrimp. For those of you that are saying “Yuk” here , you really have to try it. Sucking the creamy goodness out of shrimps head is an absolute foodie `must try` treat…..it really is an amazing taste experience. When you`re eating shrimp with a Thai then you ( as a westerner) will always be given the meat out of the tail whilst the Thai will suck on the claws and the head juices.You will automatically think that you`ve got the best part…But you`re sooooooo wrong. Trust me on this one…..Try it.

11 – Truffles of the South

12 – No 12.

Cocktail No 5 – Mizwari. (  Single Malt Scotch , Chocolate infused Water , Grilled Shishito Pepper )

14 – Minestrone Siam

15 – Osso Bucco BoLanese.

16 – Granita de Coco

17 – Thai Gnocchi

18 – Fruit Gelee

Cocktail No 6 – Digestive. ( Rice Liquor , Mandarin juice , Thai Basil )

Awesome meal in a stunning and very romantic traditional Thai restaurant. Be back for more soon without a doubt.


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