6 Common Thai Food Myths

6 Common Thai Food Myths

Thai Cuisine is well-known globally, and many foreigners are thrilled to indulge in every Thai dish they order. In many countries, the prevalence of Thai dishes is due to the flavorful taste that delights many individuals’ palates. On the other hand, with the popularity of Thai cuisine, Thai Food Myths arise, making people who have no experience eating Thai food wonder if these are true or just hearsay. 

Today, we will talk about some common Thai Food Myths, clear out the misconceptions (that you may be thinking), and encourage you to try the various mouth-watering Thai food you can order at a restaurant serving Thai dishes

Everything is Spicy

One of the Thai Food Myths that you shouldn’t worry about is that all the dishes you may order are hot and fiery. This kind of Thai Food Myth is probably not attractive to people who are not fans of spicy food. 

The primary reason why spices are in the dishes is to make the food tastier and more delightful to the tastebuds. You can control the fierceness of your meal or just request a non-spicy serving.

Chopsticks are the Primary Utensils

Some Asian countries use chopsticks when they dine and enjoy every meal. And because The Land of Smiles is in Asia, foreigners think that the locals eat their food with chopsticks. 

The truth is, Thais eat their food with a spoon and fork, though there are times that they also use their right hand to eat. Yes, you read it right; they use their “right” hand because they believe that they shouldn’t use their left hands in getting the food. 

However, the locals use chopsticks when they enjoy a platter of noodles since it’s easier to use chopsticks with noodles than the spoon. 

The Street Food is Unsafe

When you go on the internet and search for Thai street food, you will see many vendors in their tiny stalls selling street foods on the street of every city or town in the Land of Smiles. So, are street foods unsafe in Thailand? They are the tastiest and safest among street foods worldwide. 

What’s more, stall vendors are pretty much aware of their place and food; therefore, you will know that a particular vendor has many customers because of the clean food. Nobody wants to go back to the same seller if they become sick after eating the food, right?

So, take away this Thai Food Myth and go on and try the flavorful street food you can find in a Thai restaurant. 

It’s not Easy to Prepare the Food at Home.

Another Thai Food Myth is that it’s hard to make the dishes at home because the availability of the ingredients is rare. Don’t be taken aback by this Thai Food Myth because as long as you have the sauces you need (available at the grocery store), you are good to go. 

Thai Dishes are Mostly for Vegetarians

Most of the ingredients of Thai dishes have herbs, spices, and vegetables in them, and it’s probably why this Thai Food Myth is saying that most foods are for vegetarians.

Though many of the dishes indeed have vegetables, herbs, and spices, it doesn’t mean that there is no meat in every serving. 

Fish sauce is a typical component of many Thai dishes, they even use meat broths as sauces, and pork or chicken is commonly the meat Thais used in their servings. 

And if you have noticed, they recommend tofu as an alternative to dishes with meat or seafood.

The Consumption of Coconut Milk in All Dishes

The use of coconut milk in all dishes is a Thai Food Myth. There’s a valid reason you may believe this Thai Food Myth because most of the curries and desserts have coconut milk in them. However, this is not always the case. Many foods don’t contain coconut milk, such as Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, Grilled Chicken, etc. 

You will have a great selection from the restaurant’s food with no coconut milk but still taste good and still authentic Thai food.

In addition, cooks or chefs grate the flesh of the matured coconut and use it as an ingredient in the dishes they prepare. They don’t use the juice from a young coconut (you might think it’s the one they’re using) because they serve it as a drink. 

If you haven’t tried the flavorful Thai dishes, it’s about time to dine in a Thai restaurant and order the food you opt to taste. You can also visit us at Yummy Thai Flowermound and indulge yourself in our wide food selection! 

Thank you for reading this article about the 6 Common Thai Food Myths. Go on and make your must-eat list and order the food you opt to try!

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