Beautiful Organic Wine served at Boi Boi thaifood – Boi Boi - Amsterdam Thai Food

Beautiful Organic Wine served at Boi Boi thaifood – Boi Boi – Amsterdam Thai Food

Beautiful Organic Wine served at Boi Boi thaifood

After being bruised but not beaten, we wanted to get back stronger and better than before. One of the things we introduce to you are organic wines. Together with our sommelier we have put together a bucket list of 3 white and 3 red wines that are organic or lutte raisonnée grown. Anything to make our quality go up and make it easy for you to help improve the world. And enjoy really good wines with our homemade thai food. Let us introduce them.

Val de Rois – France, Côtes du Rhône, France 2020

A mouthful of wine, this Val des Rois. The blend of viognier, marsanne, rousanne and white grenache together with the rather high temperatures give a firm wine. A lot of taste, body and balance. This wine is a new project of the famous wine maker Stephan Vedeau, who is active in a large part of the southern Rhône region. Everybody seems to love this beautiful Val de Rois – France, Côtes du Rhône, France.

At Roca ‘Costers’, Penedès, Spain 2020

This wine is cultivated in the southern part of Catalonia, famous for its sparkling cavas. Costers is made from two classic cava grapes, macabeo and xarel-lo, finished with malvasia which is originally a Greek grape famous from Madeira. Malvasia is mostly used for sweet or sweetish wines, in this case it adds a lot of aroma to the wine. And it gives a beautiful contrast for the marine region, fresh style of the wine. At Roca ‘Costers’, Penedès, Spain brings the summer to your table.

Werther Windisch Weiss, Rheinhessen, Germany 2019

A blend of Bacchus (yes, the god of wines), Silvaner and Müller-Thurgau. Fresh, full boucquet, with a distant sweet. The wine is produced following the lutte raisonnée principle : between conventional and organic. Only intervene when necessary. Since 2010 this vigneron has never had to do so! Werther Windisch Weiss, Rheinhessen, Germany is definitely an affordable organically produced white wine.

At Roca ‘Siléo’, Montsant, Spain 2018

A blend of garnatxa negra and carinyena, just like the white brother “Costers’ from Catalonia. Not so much grilled by the sun, but rather juicy, fruity with a little pepper. An easy wine that goes down well and is not so typical Spanish! Ask our waiter for your first try of At Roca ‘Siléo’, Montsant, Spain.

Cap de Nit ‘Vermell’, Alicante, Spain 2019

Mega happy, very short maceration generated red from Alicante! Bright and red fruit driven, crispy fresh but very relaxed in the mouth. Wonderful glouglou if you are looking for light red that does not burst with sours. Made from the local grape giró. Cap de Nit ‘Vermell’, Alicante, Spain is worth a try for the happy traveller and put this remarkable bottle on your table.

Rufia tinto, Dao, Portugal 2017

Wonderful example of the lightly digestible but complex Portugese wine, made from grapes in the higher parts and unsprayed vineyards. Rustic and yeasty in the nose, followed by bruised red and black berries, tobacco and a fist of balsamico. Light weight but concentrated in the mouth, with a nice kick of firm acids aftertaste. Blend of jaen (=mencia), touriga and rufete. A daring hit in the high end gastro of Amsterdam. Try a glass of Rufia tinto, Dao, Portugal at one of our Boi Boi restaurants.

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