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Traditional Thai Cuisine in the Heart of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City offers plenty of hidden gems that allow one to escape to unique and authentic cultural experiences. Some of the best thai restaurants in Salt Lake City are located right in the heart of downtown. A wide variety of dishes including thai noodlesmassaman curryyellow curry, soups, and even sweet desserts with sticky rice and coconut milk. Sawadee and Krua thai restaurants offer the best thai food in Salt Lake City. Both provide the staples of traditional thai dishes explained perfectly on Sawadee’s website.

Krua thai restaurant: Best massaman and yellow curry

Located on 212 East, 500 South, Krua thai offers some of the best thai curry, second only to Thailand itself! Nestled on 5th south across from the library this small red establishment will transport their customers to another culture immediately. Upon entry one will notice the authenticity of the homely thai touches that complete the decor. This includes the red accents through out the entire restaurant, the gold paintings on the wall, and the garden that welcomes the customers with their first steps inside. The thai lunch special comes Highly recommended, a fresh salad with peanut sauce, rice, a spring roll, and two entrees for $8.50 is hard to beat! However, if this does not sound appealing they have a wide variety to choose from their, thai menu. During lunch time, the atmosphere is laid back and food arrives at the table within minutes of ordering. Along with the amazing meal comes customer service second to none, wide smiles, timely service, and friendly welcomes invite the customers to feel right at home.

Krua thai – 212 E 500 S , 84111 – (801) 328-4401

SawadeeBest thai restaurant in Salt Lake City

Sawadee, often referred to as that best Thai restaurant in Salt Lake City, is unparalleled when it comes to cultural and environmental authenticity. Located on 754 South Temple, their red exterior building welcome users for a experience like no other. Walking into the restaurant it is almost impossible not to be mesmerized by the thai customs. A massive 3 foot wide metal gong hangs in a custom wood engraved framed, this looks like something that came out of ancient Asia. Just to the left of the gong are gold vases that appear to be older than our country itself. Directly ahead of this are two friendly faces that are beaming and welcome the diner to their restaurant. During summer, they offer a large beautiful restaurant patio or a large restaurant with plenty of seating inside!

Outside patio at Sawadee

Sitting down the wait staff arrive immediately in their professional black pants and white dress shirt. A great way to start any meal here is an appetizer of fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce and a fresh thai iced tea. Thai Iced tea, is half tea half half-and-half when mixed together creates a warm orange hue. This is a great combination that will accompany any meal at Sawadee. They offer a wide variety a dishes, from egg based noddles, pad thai, coconut milk based curry, and plenty of other options. It is impossible to visit here and not find something for everyones preferences. Their large menu for lunch/dinner and even vegetarian may be found on their website. Highly recommended is the pineapple curry, this is the red curry with pineapples. Beware! When ordering curry as spicy as possible they really do serve authentic spicy curry. The average price of a meal here is around $12-17 per person. However, leaving Sawadee one will almost always feel very full and satisfied. This restaurant does a great job at providing a culturally unique experience that will leave the customer wanting to go back immediately.

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