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Blooming delicious Thai food

From now until Dec 1, Eathai, the upmarket “street food” centre at Central Embassy is featuring a flower-themed culinary fair dubbed “The Floral Feast”.

Showcased are various Thai and international dishes professionally rendered with an aesthetic touch of edible flowers and herbs.

Guests can indulge in local favourite snacks and nibbles including khanom bueang Sukhothai, or ancient-style savoury rice flour crepe filled with prawn, bean sprout and edible flowers; chor muang, or Thai-style crab dumpling tinted with blue butterfly pea flower; miang kleep bua, or toasted coconut flakes, herbs and caramelised fish sauce served on a fresh lotus petal; and rose-shaped Japanese gyoza dumplings which come with various filling options.

For main dishes, there is a healthy jumble of edible flowers, including butterfly pea, sesbania bloom, red ginger lily, cowslip creeper, coral vine, bougainvillaea and Chinese honeysuckle, all tossed with grilled mushroom, crispy tofu and sour and spicy nam yum dressing; a pasta tom yum with seafood and rose wonton; guay tiew ruea noodles with brown broth and flowers; and a sweet and crispy mee krob noodles.

Desserts and refreshments are also enhanced with flower power. There are Japanese-style sweet crepes in pastel hues from flower extract; floral-shaped coconut milk jelly; and butterfly pea flower ice pop; as well as a nice selection of organic flower tea, to name just a few.

Also highlighted, though not flower-related, is the trending pa-thong-ko, or deep-fried breakfast bread, from Thai Airways, which is served with a creamy purple potato custard.

The event also features live music and fun-filled activities and floral-centric workshops.

“The Flower Feast” is at Eathai on the LG level of Central Embassy. For more information, call 02-160-5995 or LINE: @eathaibycentral

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