Bruised but not Beaten – Boi Boi - Amsterdam Thai Food

Bruised but not Beaten – Boi Boi – Amsterdam Thai Food

Bruised but not Beaten

Slowly but surely we are coming out of the dark. Everybody had to deal with stress, lack of human interaction and positive stimulation. Boi Boi also had a hard period, but so far it seems we are bruised, but not beaten. We want to give you a short reflection.

Support received

In all fairness, this time has been the strangest and toughest every for entrepreneurs in the restaurant business. We were forced to close and had to rearrange our business. We kept 16 people employed, with help of the government. This help was however not to support our actual business. It was merely setup to make sure not everybody in the restaurant business would be laid off.

Our online delivery and takeout business was setup in March and also via the delivery service companies we supplied our Thaifood. These companies have grown enormously together with the businesses that were kept open, such as the supermarkets. With every order you passed via the delivery services, 30% went into the pockets of these delivery companies, excluding the delivery costs. But it kept our cooks and waiters busy.

Thank you, our sweet customers!

For all your orders we are enormously grateful in these difficult times. We also ask for your consideration to understand that our company got hit, even though it remained popular. We also tried to give the best service possible, often taking care of all duties of these multinationals. Still, it is very hard to give the heart felt service of our small company via these “order app” companies with huge call centers. We hope we did not let people down, as we certainly made mistakes, as every human business does.

Right now, we are very busy trying to refocus our restaurants back to local service. Opening our terraces, extending opening hours, and maybe even open up inside. After more than a year, we also have to rewire our mindset and turn this whole thing around.

Economy is changing

This month we also received huge cost price increases, to our regret. This has to do with many things. The suppliers talk about the Suez crash for packing material and food price increases for all kinds of different reasons. We have increased some of our prices on the menu with 0,10 euro cent per dish. If we would recalculate with the actual increased cost prices, we are afraid that for some people we would become too expensive. And we want to stay inclusive so that everybody can afford a fresh and home made meal at a reasonable price.

If the Dutch government decides to further increase the complexity of keeping the small companies running, we might have to reconsider. All this we communicate, to give transparency about how we fare.

Support us, buy a sweater

If you would like to help us besides ordering our food, consider to buy one of our cool ” Bruised but not Beaten” sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts. These are high quality and made by us in our own sweatshop. Anyway, thanks again and keep the spirit up!

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