Eminent Thai Cuisine and Seafood - Excellent Thai Food in the CBD - AroiMakMak

Eminent Thai Cuisine and Seafood – Excellent Thai Food in the CBD – AroiMakMak

Eminent Thai Cuisine and Seafood is one of our new favourites because they serve excellent Thai food in the CBD. The name Eminent will be familiar to those in the Muay Thai scene because the owners (Spencer and Lai Hock) also own a Muay Thai gym called Eminent Air Muay Thai.

Lai Hock’s father, Ng Siu Beng runs the kitchen at Eminent Thai Cuisine and Seafood. He is no stranger to Thai cuisine because he was formerly a chef in Bangkok and stayed there for many years before returning to Singapore during covid-19.

We were so impressed after trying their food for the first time that we kept returning for more. The dishes gave us a homey feeling, as if your family member was cooking a comforting meal for you. It is not your mainstream Thai food that you find all around but something that will hopefully make you go “wow”.

Here are our recommendations:

Thai Braised Pork Leg Rice [S$7.50] – The preparation method is different from Chinese-style braised pork as they don’t use any dark soy sauce. Their secret recipe that makes it dark naturally. This is definitely one of the best Thai braised pork leg rice you can find in Singapore.

Spicy Stir-fried Sea Prawns with Rice [S$7.50] – This dish is very fragrant and appetising. Just this dish alone would have won our AroiMakMak sticker. Now you know how powerful this dish is. The prawns are stir-fried with their Isaan-style nam jim jaew (Thai chilli sauce).

Seabass Fish on Lime & Garlic Broth with Rice [S$8] – The seabass is first pan-fried till crispy golden brown before the appetizing sweet-and-sour broth is poured over it. This dish is somewhat similar to the steamed seabass with spicy lime sauce but over here, the fish is pan-fried instead.

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Thigh with Rice [S$7.50] – We love that they use chicken thigh as it means more tender meat for your indulgence. It is coated with lemongrass and other secret ingredients. So good.

Basil Pork Rice [S$6.50] – This basil pork doesn’t look familiar to many because it’s dry. Most Thai stalls sell the wet version but the dry version is actually more tricky to perfect. Good dry basil pork is one that you can finish many bowls of rice with and the version here does that.

Eminent Thai Cuisine and Seafood serves excellent Thai food and we highly recommend those who are working in the CBD to head down to support. Because of the coffeeshop’s operating hours, they are only able to serve the lunch crowd. Alternatively, you can call them to see if they can prepare your takeaway order and hand it over to you by the side of the road.

We hope you get to try their food soon!

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