Extra till 8 pm: Longer hours on our wonderful Thaifood terrace. – Boi Boi - Amsterdam Thai Food

Extra till 8 pm: Longer hours on our wonderful Thaifood terrace. – Boi Boi – Amsterdam Thai Food

Extra till 8 pm: Longer hours on our wonderful Thaifood terrace.

Longer terrace hours: 8pm

Finally we have some good news to bring to all of you. As from May 19 2021 we can open our terrace till 8pm.

Seriously longer hours. This is incredible news as we were always know as one of the hotspots when it come to delicious homemade Thai food and local and international beer. We will be able to offer this again from tomorrow, now the Dutch government gives us the chance to open again outdoors.

Our terrace was never the biggest in town and with the existing covid rules more space is needed between people. Thanks to the Amsterdam city council we got some extra parking spots together with our neighbors from Magna Italia pizza. This means we can accommodate hopefully enough people in a safe way to make everybody happy again.

Make a reservation online

You can make reservations on our website at “reservations”. There you can choose date and time and also indicate how many people/family members and if you are all healthy. We have to ask these questions according to regulations. When you want to enter restaurant for payment of powdering your nose, we advise you friendly to wear a mask. Well you know the drill ?

Both our terrace at Dapperstraat and Heemstedestraat are open. At Heemstedestraat we are still negotiating for more space as the city took away most of our terrace when they decided to reconstruct the street. The good thing is, we survived. Or as we say: 

Boi Boi

Bruised, but not beaten.

This is what our terrace looks like

Here you can find an example of our terrace at Dapperstraat. We have the parking space terrace with four big picknick tables and lots of bamboo and red umbrellas. There is a separation so you do not have to watch the mess humans can make in the street ? The parking spaces are in the dead end street, so it does not have a lot of traffic, offering you somewhat peace and quiet. And it is always sunny here from 5pm till sun down.

We also have the terrace alongside the walls and windows of our restaurant. This we set up in such a way that people are seated far enough from one another. Our aim is to let all neighbors and guests enjoy the space. We have a lot of elderly people further down the road that use wheelchairs and are extra vulnerable for this whole covid thing. That is why we ask all to respect each other and give way. Our guests are normally super sympathetic, but we like to shoutout in any way.

At Heemstedestraat we put the long benches alongside the street. This is where you can catch the sun and still have space on the pavement. On the other side the underground container has been closed so we can sit there as well in a more or less urban way. We have to do this together, and by 2022 we will hear from the city what their plans will be. Till that moment we just try to make it as pleasant as possible. The food and drinks will not disappoint you here. We also bring you draught beer from the IJ brouwerij in Amsterdam. So every visit can become a happy one. ?

Make your reservation and let’s all have a fantastic spring and summer off 2021. It’s about time!

Delivery and takeout still possible

Go to out website and click “reservation” in the top left corner. There is also still the possibility to takeout Thaifood or to order it for delivery. Our kitchen staff is ready to serve you all homemade food. Pad thai, curry, pad med ma mueng, spring rolls, fish cakes, anything that can make this summer feel like a holiday far away.

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