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One of the best Thai restaurants in the Quad-Cities is hanging up its menus.

Moline's Exotic Thai Restaurant ClosingExotic Thai is closing its Moline location on John Deere Road.

The Davenport restaurant on 53rd Street will remain open.

Exotic Thai announced the following on their social media today:

We have mixed feelings today – sadness and excitement – in announcing the Closure of the Exotic Thai Moline location. Tomorrow, August 31st, will be our last day. We will be closed for some months, giving our staff a break, and preparing for our next chapter of tasty Thai food in Moline. We very much want to thank our loyal and dedicated customers for the great relationships we’ve created over the years! Please visit the Exotic Thai Davenport location, and Moline's Exotic Thai Restaurant Closingthe LemonGrass Café, and our new sister restaurant, the Miss Phay Café, while we are away.
We tried very hard to keep the Exotic Thai Moline location open, but the challenges of today’s restaurant business environment were too difficult, at this time, to make it feasible. Finding employees who would work the demanding schedule involved with keeping a restaurant open day in, day out, has become less and less possible, despite pay increases. Costs of seemingly everything have gone up, and we were forced to pass those price hikes along to customers, and it became increasingly clear something would have to change.
So, we will step back now, and prepare for a new approach to tasty Thai and Asian food – Tuk Tuk Thai BBQ! We’ll offer a revamped BBQ focused menu and serving style, in the same location off John Deere Road in Moline. We’ll try to simplify and improve and find ways to be more efficient with how we prepare and serve great Thai food, with the same high quality you’ve come to expect from Exotic Thai. We are sure you’ll love the food and flavors and look forward to seeing you again soon! @Tuktukthai
Mun and The Exotic Thai Team

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