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Pakistani Thai Food!! 🇵🇰🇹🇭 AWARD-WINNING GOAT CURRY! | อาหารไทยปากีสถาน

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Welcome to Trang (ตรัง), Thailand, an amazing province in Southern Thailand. I was excited to have a chance to visit Sacha Farm (ฟาร์มแพะซาชา), a goat farm, run by a Pakistani Thai family who has been in Thailand for generations. And even more exciting, they cooking Thai style Pakistani food, and have one numerous Thai culinary awards for their goat curry. We arrived to the farm, and immediately you could feel the friendliness of the family. The food was outstanding!
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Here are the main dishes they cooked at the farm, using their fresh goat meat that they raise:

Goat chili dip (น้ำพริกเนื้อแพะ) – This is the ultimate Thai Pakistani food combination – a chili dip is essential in Southern Thai food and there are dozens of variations. I’ve eaten plenty of types of “nam prik,” but goat nam prik, was a first for me. It was spicy, salty, balanced with a sweetness, and full of mixed goat, tomato puree, and spices. It went incredibly well with fresh hot roti.

Goat curry (แกงแพะ) – We already were lucky enough to get a taste of their amazing goat curry, but they still wanted to make a fresh batch. Their recipe is very much Southern Thai, but with spices and a taste that also resembled Pakistani food – again it was a fusion of Pakistani and Thai food all in one life-changing curry. They used both a fresh herb curry paste – typical of Thai curries – and a powder curry paste – typical of Pakistani curries. And also different from typical Pakistani food, instead of using oil or ghee, they used only coconut milk – and a lot of it – to make the curry rich and thick. The curry was outstanding, nutty, and full of complex flavor – truly a unique dish I had never had, and the taste was spectacular.

Goat biryani (ข้าวหมกแพะ) – Finally they wanted to make Thai Pakistani biryani, and so they first make a pot of the curry paste, then added in boiled boat meat, added the rice to the curry paste mixture, and let it cook, to mingle all the spices. Again, another delicious dish, this biryani was more of the Thai side taste for me – excellent.

We had a great time eating fresh goat meat, award winning – champion goat curry, and learning about their history as a Thai Pakistani family.

Huge thank you to Sacha Farm (ฟาร์มแพะซาชา) for hosting us. To get in touch with Sacha Farm (ฟาร์มแพะซาชา), contact Bang Dim – 0812726028

Thank you for watching, hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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