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Poll: Let them eat blood! Are you an (intentional) blood eater in Thai food? – Farang Pub – fun, entertainment and Expat life – Thailand Visa Forum by Thai Visa

A number of Thai dishes have blood in them.

We’ve all seen the blood cakes in soups.

Then there are boat noodles with the fresh pork blood.

Also some of the classic meat salads.

I was raised to find eating blood disgusting. Offal too, except for liver. I have no problem with that conditioning. A western exception might be a rare steak with some blood, but nothing extreme.

My first experience with explicit blood food was blood sausages in Portugal in soup. I tasted them, they weren’t horrible, but after that I would just leave them in my soup. 

In Thailand I avoid boat noodles and if I do get a noodle soup with blood cakes I try to fish them out.

I don’t want to even give blood a chance. 

So what are your feelings about eating blood in Thai food in Thailand?

On the poll, please pick the choice that is closest to how you feel.

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