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Private Authentic Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

The real deal, real lessons on real food with real taste! Please feel free to visit our kitchen. The authentic local delights. This is a private lesson on authentic Thai cooking. Experience different textures, flavours, ingredients, which is used in traditional Thai food. 

If you have the love for cooking, come to try this Thai cooking class in Bangkok.

Bangkok Thailand is a foodies dream destination; on a private Bangkok sightseeing tour you will be enjoying noodles or a local delicacy on the street with the sights and smells of this country, and nothing will ever taste the same again. 

The mix of flavours and spices (salt and sweet) makes this a unique experience.  While there are no pristine table cloths or waiters at the food stalls, the street food is the way to go in Bangkok. 

The city is diverse in its food culture with many mixes of alternative foods and cultures, take a guided Bangkok Private Tour around this dynamic city and check it out.  

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