Private Thai Cooking Classes | The Market Experience

Private Thai Cooking Classes | The Market Experience

Through this class we aim to give you not just insight into Thai food but also further insight into the local culture. Of course food is a critical part of the culture and it can be quite diverse.

Choose from one of these themes or create your own menu to learn

– Thai Cooking With A Twist –

– Classic Street Food –

– Desserts, Snacks and Edible Arts –

Your Thai Cooking Class

The class with start with an introduction to the key ingredients used in Thai cooking and then be followed by a market tour. Fortunately we are located in the market so not far to go!

Once back at our school, you will prepare 4 dishes based on your selected menu.

Menus are subject to change as we like to mix it up to and some of the ingredients will depend on seasonality. We will also serve Thai herbal drinks and dessert.

Our classes are taught by experienced Thai chefs. While class size for our join-in class is limited to 8 people in order to maintain a personal learning experience, for private classes we can arrange for larger groups. Above 12 people we would split into 2 groups or propose a different format to ensure the best possible experience.

This cooking class is suitable for vegetarians and all items have vegetarian substitutions. If, you do have specific dietary requirements please do let us know in advance.

Menu options could include 4 dishes from:  

Appetizers: Edible Flower Tempura,  Miang Khum, Fresh Spring rolls with lemongrass chicken, Steamed curried fish mousse (Hor Mok), Grilled pork on a stick

Salads: Thai style salad with seasonal fruits;  Som Tum (Papaya Salad) with Deep fried edible flowers tempura;  Mushroom Larb

Soups: Tom Yum Gung; Tom Kha Gai

Curries: Gaeng Som;  Red Curry; Green Curry;  Massaman Curry;  Panang Curry

Stir Fry: Pad Kra Pao; Pad Cha

Noodles: Pad Thai (with a twist);  Pad Ki Mao; Guay Tiaw Kua Gai

Desserts: Steamed Water Lily Stem Cakes, Banana in coconut milk, Pumkin filled with egg custard, Sticky Rice With fruits: Sweet mango / Longans / Durian + alternatives  like egg custard and dried shrimp

If you do have other dishes you want to learn then please let us know (but a surcharge will apply)

We also offer a 1-hour / 2 dishes cooking class which can be upgraded to a private class: See details here

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