#SDMLife - Thai food in San Francisco | strongDM

#SDMLife – Thai food in San Francisco | strongDM

Well, it was the Bay Area’s turn to have its moment in the offsite sun, and the day didn’t disappoint. Like the other offsites, it was the first time for most of the Bay Area SDM’ers to have met in person. So, for Karim (who flew down from Seattle), Harlan, Corinne, Marty, Mike, Justin, Morgan, and Norv, it meant real handshakes and fistbumps, not Zoom hellos.  

The SF weather actually cooperated and punished those who were wearing long sleeves and pants. Warm and sunny the entire day, it was a perfect setting to cook some Thai food on a rooftop. The view of the skyline was gorgeous, and our host cracked the whip on us such that slacking (figuratively and literally) wasn’t gonna be allowed.

In just 45 minutes, we cooked up two popular dishes, pad thai and gai pad krapow (Thai basil chicken). Yumminess all around, including the sticky rice and mango for dessert.

After feasting, we let our tummies settle by kickin’ it on the rooftop, soaking in the views, working on our tans, and having an impromptu sales and marketing strategy session.

Of course, we couldn’t talk shop all afternoon (seriously, who wants to do that on a Friday afternoon?), so we moseyed on over to iconic Dolores Park, one of the most popular parks in the city. Known for its wide array of people and pets lounging about and doing their thang, Team SDM decided to toss the frisbee around to try to work off some of the calories from the Thai gluttony.

Special kudos to Marty for taking the least enviable spot in the frisbee circle.  He was the one tossing uphill and had to retrieve the wayward frisbees that ended up underneath cars, near rabid dogs, or in front of oncoming traffic. Thanks for takin’ one for the team, Marty!!   

Alas, the arms and legs got weary after an hour of frisbee, and it was time to go home. More handshakes and fistbumps and a general hope that things would be back to normal, hopefully soon.

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