Thai Cooking Class - New America College

Thai Cooking Class – New America College

On April 21, 2021, NAC had its first-ever fundraising event: An online Thai cooking class! (NAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we are dedicated to teaching English and helping students reach their goals.) To make a donation to NAC please click here.

Fundraising with Pad Thai

At NAC, we love food! What better way to learn about someone’s culture than with a tasty dish? Prior to the pandemic NAC held regular international food festivals for students. We cannot wait to start those again! The Thai cooking class was a fun way for NAC to raise some money and to show the importance of cross-cultural communication. 

The class was taught by Mint Brown, Thai food expert and wife of our Academic Director, James Brown. Mint taught us how to make pad thai, one of the most traditional and delicious dishes from Thailand. Mint made a special kind of pad thai – red pad thai! She taught us how to make a chili sauce that wasn’t spicy, but turned the pad thai a beautiful shade of red.  

Pad Thai fundraiser, New America College
Our delicious Pad Thai!

In the end, we are proud to say ticket sales raised $740! This money will go to ensure that NAC can continue to offer low-cost, intensive, academic English classes and assist students in becoming self-sufficient in their communities.  

If you want to download the recipe and try out making pad thai on your own, visit this link. To donate to NAC please click here.

Thank you Mint Brown!

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