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Thai olive oil and honey , real or fake ? – Thai Food – Thailand Visa Forum by Thai Visa

Twas not until recently that I was aware that both olive oil , extra virgin olive oil and also honey in Thailand can be faked with fake honey coming mostly from China who do not deliver directly from China but do so through other innocent countries soas not to raise suspicions . China’s fake honey production rises year on year whilst the world’s bee population declines year on year . 

So vast amounts of both honey and olive oils are sold by supermarkets under various labels which are either unreadable because of micro print or the info has been covered by the stores own pricing label ( very common on many supermarket items ) . 

So my point is , how can you be confident of buying an authentic  product ?    Google search gives some methods of home testing but by then you have already made the purchase . I am somewhat surprised  that given the high cost of the two products the supermarkets do not give any assurances of the authenticity . 

I remember a couple of years ago in the UK it was possible to trace a products origin by way of a given traceability serial number but TIT .

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