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Vatsana Thai Restaurant – Menu & Reviews – Roxhill – Seattle 98106

This place is not even a one star.

My family and I tried to eat there last night. The food was horrible. We order 2 traditional dishes expected in a Thai restaurant. We love Thai food and eat it regularly. The chicken was rancid the noodles were over cooked. No peanut, lemon grass and/or green onion garnish. The meal looked like slop that you would feed wild animals. May-be, because we were African American the owner felt we were wild animals.

My daughter tried to send her food back, because she had not touched it. The owner refused to accommodate her in anyway shape of form. She insisted that we pay for the in editable meals, we did and I tipped nothing of course.

The owner refused to make our family something else unless we paid for that, as well. She in addition, had the nerve to tell us that we could not just come into her restaurant and sample the menu.

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